Through the teaching of life skills such as self – care, vocational skills and social skills we enable the individual to be more independent/ autonomous meaning that the individual has a greater sense of control over his or her own life rather than constantly relying on the direction of others.

Click on this link for further reading about empowerment. ( Building Capacity Resource, Supporting Individual, Empowerment section).  Problem solving and decision making skills are identified in this list and are crucial skills for all individuals, not only those who have autism. Being able to recognise a problem and identify how to solve it is necessary in all aspects of life whether work/ school or in a social situation.

For an individual to experience personal autonomy we must also teach the skills of self – advocacy, to boost the confidence of the child or young person as they are enabled to not only recognise how autism affects their life but also their many strengths which are valued. Click on the following links for further detail about self – advocacy and strengths and skills in students with autism. (Building Capacity Resource, Supporting Individual, Self – Advocacy section).

Further Reading

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