Case Study L (Tooth brushing, Dressing, packing Swimming bag)

L is an 8 year old boy with autism. He attends a primary 4 class at a mainstream primary school.

L was experiencing difficulty with a number of self-care skills which impacted on his independence and on getting ready for school on time in the mornings.  These were brushing his teeth, dressing and packing his swimming bag.

Tooth brushing:

  • Direct teaching of the skills required to brush L’s teeth took place at home, using worksheets (see example below), social stories and video modelling from YouTube.
  • L’s mum supported him during the morning and evening routines by using hand over hand prompts to teach how much pressure and the correct action required to clean teeth.
  • Structure was provided to this task by the introducing of a 2-minute timer to provide clarity around how long is needed to brush one’s teeth


  • Visual structure was provided by laying L’s clothes out in the morning in the order in which they should be put on. It was important that this sequence was the same each time the task was attempted.
  • A task analysis was developed to aid L to put on his own clothes straight and not twisted, e. tuck shirt in, make sure clothes are straight and not twisted round body. This was a laminated tick list of the steps of dressing, which could be ticked off with a white board marker and used afresh the next day.

Packing swimming bag

  • A task analysis visual support was created for packing his swim bag (see example below)
  • L was supported to use this when packing his bag in the evening for the next day.