Crossing the Road

When teaching independence skills, it is important to explain personal safety skills to the individual, which are necessary in the community.

Finding Information

Many people rely on the internet for communication and as a source of information.

Going to a Restaurant or Café

As with any community trip with a child or young person with autism, going to a restaurant can be an anxious time for all.

Hobbies and Interests

Children have the right to engage in leisure, play and recreational activities and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts (UNCRC, Article 31).

Money Skills

Many young people with autism struggle with money skills as it is an abstract concept.

Social Skills

As the field of social skills within autism is vast, it is not possible to cover all the concerns, research and intervention programmes within this sub-section.

Using Public Transport

There are challenges which individuals with autism may experience when using public transport such as; sensory processing difficulties, communication difficulties, organisational difficulties and anxiety.

Using the telephone

Potential Challenges Deficits in receptive language will cause difficulties in telephone conversations.

Leisure involves activities outside of school and work – Participating in leisure and recreation activities lower stress and promote mental and in some cases physical wellness.